Monday, January 23, 2017

Treehouse Shelf

Tree House Shelf
nyone would agree, CDs are not an attractive sight sitting on a stack. A clever solution is to transform your CD crate in the form of a hobbit house. Hide the plastic and go organic!

What You'll Need:
CD Holder
Eucalyptus bark
Hot glue
Wood for roof, and door

Lil' bird
1. Take your CD crate and measure it for a roof. Take two identical pieces of wood and tape them together in the middle with a piece of ductape. 2. Take another two pieces of wood and make triangles to fit the space between the CD house and the roof. Hot glue them to the inside of the roofs.
3. Glue or tape the roof to one end of the CD holder.
4. Hot glue moss to the top of the roof making sure to cover the roof and adhesive.
5. Cut a door to fit the inside of the CD case. Tape down one side so that the door can swing open and shut while still fitting the CDs in the case. If they do not fit, extend the door outwards by making extensions to the sides of the CD case with wood.
7. Glue pieces of bark to the outside of the CD house on the two sides, under the roof overhang, and on the front of the door.
8. Add embellishments like a pinecone handle, a metallic leaf or a little bird. 

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