Organza Flower Clips

Organza Flower Clips
ight as air flowers to decorate your hair or lapel for a special occasion. I like to wear a few at once for a Frida K. look!

What You'll Need:
¼ yard organza for 12 flowers
Hot glue gun
Hair clips
Votive candle
Ribbon scraps
1. It takes 7-9 pieces to make one flower. Cut organza into squares measuring between two inches square to four inches square. I use approximately 2 4 inch, 2 3 inch, 3 2 inch squares per flower.
2. Fold squares into four; then trim the two edges that are the open side into a petal shape. Open the fabric. It should look like a four-leafed clover.
3. Lightly graze the edges of the flower with the heat of the votive candle. Watch the edges shrink and curl up.
4. Layer petals from largest to smallest on top putting aside one small flower shape for the top.
5. Take a hair clip and a piece of ribbon the length of the clip and put the ribbon between the two prongs of the clip.
6. Squeeze a dollop of glue onto the ribbon then quickly press the stack of flower shapes onto the glue. It will ooze through the layers since the weave is so lose.
7. Add a small dab of glue to the top of the flowers then take a small flower shape and press it with your fingers on top folding the fabric onto itself to hide the glue mark.
8. Put a small dab of Tulip soft fabric paint on your fingers and dab on the edges of each petal and spread until the tips of the petal are tinted to the desired depth of color


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