Monday, May 21, 2012

Striped Bangles

Spring bangles are one of those things that I make at the beginning of the season and love throughout the summer.  They're an easy way add to a fun pop of color to any outfit, and can just as easily be coordinated with a wide variety of outfits with nothing more than some bangles you have already, embroidery floss, and a few dabs of hot glue. Nothing says summer like color, and with these vivid bangles the sun is always shining (of course, it is California)...

The original from

1.  Take a bangle that you already have.  I know I found 4 wooden and plastic ones that I would never wear again just sitting in my jewelry.  I'm sure everyone has a few.

2.  Cut a 4-5 foot piece of embroidery thread.  The longer the thread, the Find the middle and make a loop with embroidery floss around the bangle.

3.  Wrap the floss so it doesn't overlap itself in the front.

4.  Add a tiny dab of hot glue when the string runs out.  Repeat with  multiple colors.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Bric-a-Brac Frame

Mother's day is almost here and a quick and easy project that mom will cherish forever is this kid-friendly (besides the spray painting), bric-a-brac frame that Mom will love hanging by her bedside or place in a prominent place in the house. Choosing a photo first and if the frame will be hanging or propped up on it's own will help you figure out a flat side that will require fewer adornments.
The final frame of my adorable son Agrippa when he was 2.  Even though it's so textured, notice how the picture stands out against the white of the frame.

1.  This might take your kids a while to do but it's a fun process!  We glued all sorts of things to the frame including beads, foam stickers, silk flowers, sea glass, and even buttons.  Remember it needs a night to dry so if you need it done by Sunday, get crackin'.

2.  Spray at least 5 coats white glossy paint.  I used Krylon White Semi-Gloss The fiberous pom-poms weren't painting so well (see top) so I hot glued sea shells on top of them which painted much better.

Grandma will love it!  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Craft Studio

In case you were wondering why I've been so quiet lately, it's because I'm utterly exhausted from this pilot I just worked on over the last week.  It was a massive balancing act with lots of babysitters, coordinating with Grippy's preschool for late pick-ups and driving like a mad-woman down the 405 to get to shoots way the heck off my radar in "the Valley".  Let's just say, I'm relieved it's over.  The good thing is that my studio is done too.  This has been a work in progress over the past year and finally I had the perfect excuse for my contractor to be absolutely done- I gave him a few pretend shoot dates just to get it finished sooner but not being a very good liar this didn't work... finally, and thankfully, he finished right in time the night before for the real shoot.  Here are photos of my lovely studio!!

This was a drab, exposed wood frame uninsulated garage before.  Tom added white walls, a glass door, two skylights and an awesome work counter.
Before it was not an inviting place to hang out...

Notice my buttons are off- this is from 3 hours sleep.
I'm going to craft up a storm in here.
See the awesome exposed wood beams!  Great for hanging things from- see Olaf's hang-glider?

The Antlers made it.  So handy for hanging things off of.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yellow Trimmed Patchwork Scarf

I recently fell in love with this dainty little patchwork scarf at Anthropologie with hand crocheted edges.  Handmade in Morrocco, it cost a pretty penny-$248.00 for something I thought would easily made in a couple of hours.  I cheated the edges a little, just using a yellow blanket stitch around the edge instead of a complicated crochet stitch.  I also made it an infinity scarf because I love the way infinity scarves drapes without the end of the scarf to deal with.

My inspiration with a steep $248.00 price-tag.

Lovely vintage fabric samples from my dear friends at Zinnia Crafts in Pasadena.

Straight stitched together, then folded and stitched on the reverse side 1/4 inch in from the first stitch to seal the edge.

James trying to get in on the scarf making action.

The full length of the scarf.  It's final size is 48" long x 13" wide

Blanket-stitch around the edge.  At first I thought it wasn't going to be noticeable but it really is a pretty finish and really stands out.