Beaded Chopsticks

Beaded Chopsticks
n ornate way to eat your sushi and noodles.

What You'll Need:
Black tapered chopsticks
Chopstick Holder
About 180 medium and small glass, and semi-precious beads in various colors including greens, golds, pinks, and tans.
2 feet 28 gauge wire
2 feet 30 gauge copper wire
Wire cutters
1. Take a foot of the 28 gauge copper wire, leaving a 2 inch tail wrap it tightly around the chopstick one inch below the top of the chopstick and twistie-tie the wire to itself making sure it is tight enough so that the loop will not slip off the top of the chopstick.
2. Bead the wire, starting with beads with slightly bigger holes that will fit over the twisted wire at the base.
3. When you reach the top, find a flat bead to cover the top of the chopstick with, like a little hat on top of the head of the chopstick.
4. Pull the wire through some of the beads lower down in and out of the holes and wires, making it very secure before cutting the wire. Run the excess wire through the closest bead.
5. Take your 30 gauge copper wire and run it through a bead and twistie-tie it. Run over the beads back and forth as if you are creating a webbing around the beads, finish it off by running the wire through a bead on the opposite end from where you started and hide the excess in the cluster.
6. Take your chopstick holder and repeat the same technique on the loop of the holder.


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