Floral Arrangement

Do-it-Yourself: decorate
Floral Arrangement for the Back of a Chair
oral arrangements look great everywhere and anywhere. Here is a simple one to make for the back of a chair to be used in a dinner party or a special event.

What You'll Need:
10 Roses
6 Carnations
1 Silk hydrangea
Plastic wrap
30 Gauge wire < br> Ribbon
1. Cut all roses to 10 inches high. Take 10 roses and put them 5 end to end.
2. Layer carnations slightly lower than roses, wrap with wire.
3. Wrap in a moist paper towel, then plastic wrap.
4. Take wired stem of hydrangeas and wrap it around the plastic wrap, molding the flowers to cover all of the plastic.
5. Wrap a ribbon around stems and tie to back of a chair.


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