Frenchy Rat Ears Halloween Costume

Ahh, Ratatouille!  One of the best movies in the whole world, and who couldn't  love rats after seeing how talented and cute they turn out to be?!  I just made these totally simple rat ears and beret for a Prop. 37 commercial.  Thought they would be a great last minute Halloween costume for any of you out there who might have a penchant for the gutter life.


First, make it on paper, then trace onto grey fabric or leather.

Trace the interior part of  ear a quarter inch smaller than the grey on the back of pink sticky foam.  Cut out.

Attach sticky foam to the center of the ears, lining up the flat sides.  Sew the bottom two corners of the ears together with thread.

Pull clear stretchy cord through the bottom of each ear with a needle.

Tie into a knot to fit the head.

Add a beret-directions for this here.


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