Book Worm Costume

What You'll Need:
Cardboard box that opens sideways
Duct tape
Paper tape
Black grease pencil
Gold craft paint
Exacto knife
Stick on letters to fit the size of the book
Sewing Machine
Green fleece
Round earrings
1. Open the box and duct tape it so that it is slightly open like a book. Cut out the flaps at the bottom of the box.
2. Duct tape the top and side, then cover that with paper tape in strips that go along the whole length of exposed book surfaces.
3. Draw black lines on the top going down the slightly open side of the box.
4. Paint the two sides gold.
5. Fold the vinyl over and hot glue it to the other three sides of the box.
6. Stick letters on the cover. The book can read whatever you want it to.
Worm: 1. Make a very long fleece "U" and a cut out a circle for the face.
2. Stuff the green hood with a pillow and attach a piece of elastic to the pillow that goes around the chin so that it is secure on the head.
3. Glue on eyes.


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