Dinner for Two Costume

What You'll Need:
2 ½ inch Styrofoam board
Pin tool
Copper Wire
2 dessert plates
2 mini champagne glasses
2 liquer glasses
1 ½ Champagne bottle
2 Placemats
2 Napkins and rings
Tablecloth or fabric that covers the table and hangs over 2 feet each side
White ruffle
1 pignose (optional)
1 small tomato (optional)
1 Bolt
Epoxy glue
1. Measure around your head and saw out a hole in the middle as if you are looking towards one place setting. Cut a hole in the Styrofoam board with your hacksaw.
2. Drape the table as if you are setting the table.
3. Cut a hole out to align with the hole in the middle of the Styrofoam board.
4. Set the table and wire everything down. The way to do this is to take your pin tool and poke holes through the Styrofoam. Run your wire through the holes and tie them at the bottom underneath the board.
5. Glue a bolt to the bottom of the champagne bottle and bolt the bottle down, then screw on the nut on the bottom of the board.


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