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Chalkboard Cookie DIY

Lately, I've been super busy writing projects for eHow.  Here is a chalkboard cookie tutorial that I wrote for them… happy baking.

Rose Avenue Sweets- Starting a business

So what do you do when it's the holidays and you feel like making a product that people will love, for sure for sure, that is impossible to not like because it is so delectable, delicious, scrumptious, and irresistible?  You start a chocolate company of course.  It started out as a quasi-experiment.  A holiday project.We decided to name ours Rose Avenue Sweets after the street we live on.  What else has so much mass appeal, is fun to make and is such and easy sell.  This was my reasoning when I began my little chocolate company about 5 months ago, thinking of what to do for the holidays.  I've been making caramel for 15 years now and although I'd never sold them, they are a favorite among friends.  I wanted to document all the fun, and work that I have put into this project on my site to inspire those of you out there that want to start a little something to not be afraid and just jump in with two feet.  It's an adventure and I learn something every day with this one.…

Chocolate Shot Glasses

Had fun figuring out how to make these shot glasses out of chocolate for eHow.  They are a great dessert item to have at a party and with a shot of something yummy- like chocolate milk for kids or Bailey's for adults, will be quite fabulous.