Beaded Bobetch and Candlestick

Do-it-Yourself: decorate
Beaded Bobetch
andle drippings can be damaging to surfaces and time consuming to clean up. The solution is a clever little trinket called a bobetch that catches wax before it hits that rosewood dresser. This is a way of making the bobetch more decorative and give it a little pizazz.

What You'll Need:
Glass Bobetch
Dremmel with fine point (2mm) drill bit
Assorted semi-precious stones including brown dyed pearls, rose-quartz, jade, and freshwater pearls.
Fishing wire
1. Drill four holes equidistant from each other 4 cm in from the edge of the bobetch. Make sure to be wearing leather gloves when holding the bobetchs while drilling for safety reasons.
2. On a 30 inch piece of wire, string one pearl through on the wax catching side of the bobetch and pull the two strands through to the other side, tying in a knot.
3. String your first series of beads on your wire, making sure that it has a clear centerpiece and is 3 inches long.
4. Pull your string through the 2nd hole and bead another pearl onto the wire then pull the wire out through the bottom again.
5. String the exact same pattern again, then pull the wire through the 3rd hole again adding a pearl on the upside then pulling through the bottom and continuing on.
6. When you've reached the 4th hole, pull your wire up through the starter bead on the wax-catching side, then back down again. Pull tight, then tie a knot onto the fourth segment of the wire, then feed string back into the beads.

Beaded Candlestick
hunky beaded candlesticks make a statement when alone or paired with another chubby friend.

What You'll Need:
Assorted glass beads in amber, light blues, sage greens, pinks, and purples
60 large glass beads
130 small and medium beads
Semi-precious beads including jade, garnet, and grey and tan dyed pearls, rose quart chips
Faux pearls
1 yd 26 gauge gold colored wire
Wire cutters
Brass Candlestick
1. Take the gold wire and start beading the large beads on one end leaving a curled tail of about one inch at the end.
2. When the beads have gone around at least 360 degrees, take the excess wire and wrap it around the next space between the next bead and the bead next to it.
3. Continue beading with large beads, taking the wire in and out of the beads below the beads higher up so that the wire forms a loose web around the bottom.
4. When reaching the smaller circumference areas use the smallest beads possible to emphasize the shape of the candlestick. 
5. As your beads reach larger circumferenced areas, use bigger beads or smaller beads twisted into clusters to emphasize the width of the candlestick.
6. Reaching the top, again switch to smaller beads until the top where you will once again take a two inch piece of excess wire and wrap it around the beads below the final bead at the top.


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