Bottle cap Magnets

Do-it-Yourself: decorate
Bottlecap Magnets
used to throw these out without thinking twice. Then I realized that it was much better to be framed in the fringed glory of aluminum than nothing at all. With a little bit of time and toxicity the effects can be dazzling.

What You'll Need:
Museum flyers, or magazine images
White glue
Jewelry pins (for jewelry only)
1. Find bottle-caps that aren't too bent out of shape. The twist-off kind are ideal (convert your friends to domestic beer drinkers for maximum cap accrual)
2. Cut out your image to fit inside the bottle-cap. It is easiest to trace the circumference of the cap onto the image then trim it down to size.
3. Take your toothpick and line the inside fringe of your cap with white glue to cover up the jagged edge of your image. Pour glitter into your cap and push it into the glue, then pour it out. Push the excess glitter floating around to the edge so that it does not interfere with your images visibility.
3A. Using a pin tool, Carefully poke a hole on one or both sides of your cap and fashion a hook so the cap can hang like a pendant or dangle between two chains.
4. Pour Envirotex into your cap and let it dry overnight. I recommend that you do this project in batches of 12 or more caps because mixing the Envirotex is a big sticky hassle and not worth it for just one or two caps. This stuff is pretty toxic, so make sure to work in a well ventilated area or you might get high from the fumes (or that could be a good thing).
5. Using your glue gun, glue a magnet to the back of each bottle-caps.


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