Monday, January 23, 2017

Heart Pendant Necklace

his is a fun, colorful, sweet project to make in your spare time. It is easy, (though it takes a little strength to bend the 28 gauge wire) and draws oodles of attention. Trust me, you will get millions of compliments on this heart pendants when out on the town!

What You'll Need:
18 gauge copper wire
Leather gloves
Wire Cutters
28 gauge copper wire
Assorted glass, plastic, pearls, and seed beads 
1. Cut an 8 inch piece of 18 gauge copper wire. Fold in half at a half inch past the halfway point on the wire. Take the longer end and make the last inch into a loop. Take the shorter end and bring it in to the center, then twist a loop around the bottom of the other sides loop so that they are connected.

2. Take your 28 gauge wire and loop and twist the last inch of it onto itself to anchor it to the heart.

3. Start beading large beads to cover up the twist, loop the wire around the heart and add a couple more beads, then loop again. Bead smaller beads four or five at a time and loop back around the larger beads to cover up any empty spaces between large beads. The beads might shift around in a circle a bit, when this happens, take your wire and pull to make it tight and loop again with wire.

4. When you reach the end of the exposed heart, run your wire through some of the wires that started the beading process, then take the wire through one of the large beads on the other side and snip it close to the hole.

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