Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snow Globe Dioramas

Everyone loves the voyeuristic effect of a diorama.  It makes it more precious somehow- more cinematic.  Well, this is sort of a cross between a snow globe and a diorama with one peep hole into the tiny world where you can create the lovely scene.  It's a simple and inexpensive project to turn everyday household jars into magical objet d'art. 

Awoooooo!  He's was $1 at Puzzlezoo on Main Street.  A baby wolf, waiting for mommy to return from the hunt.
Add an oval sticker to the inside of  the pickle jar.
And to the same place on the outside making sure that they are in the exact same place on either side of the glass.

Make trees into mini-trees.

Spray paint the inside of the jar gold (or whatever color you choose), spray paint the outside black chalk-board paint.  When painting the outside make sure to close the lid or the black will get inside the jar.

Raise the bottom up by hot gluing a riser to the underside of the lid, here I used an applesauce top from a squeeze pouch.

Then add your little feature.  Again with hot glue.

Model Magic around it to  cover the base.

Add rhinestones or a ribbon to cover the edge of the paint if it isn't perfect.

I'm using Tulip rhinestones for this.  Have fun!  

Here is another one!  A jam jar a la tour Eiffel.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guess Who's the Christmas Elf?

This week I had one of the most elf-y jobs I've had in a long time.  I had the unique pleasure of decorating the Guess? Jeans campus for the Holidays.  I have lived in L.A. for over 10 years now and never knew they have a huge city block-sized, 4 building area downtown.  There are over 700 employees and the owners even work there.  Now, this job really brought me back to the 8th grade.  I remember seeing the Claudia Schiffer campaign in Vogue circa 1990 and knowing that I HAD to have that pair of acid-washed Guess overalls at Macy's, and the red Guess sweatshirt too.  I was really caught up in the whole craze along with every tweener in Monterey.  The walls of the campus are plastered of 20-30 foot images of their adds so there was no escaping their alluring marketing.  I even bought myself three more pairs of jeans from the employee store- this time colored jeans in mint, plum, and royal blue.  Here is a little tour...
Me and one of my 6 trees! 

The cafe had so many different kinds of food, it took me forever to decide what to eat...
I like the message... coming from Moroccan-French immigrants, it's true that they are totally self-made gazillionaires.  

The 30 foot Claudia in acid washed jeans was bringing me back.  I think this photo inspired me to get the very same, zip-ankled pair.
"G" shaped reception area.

A camper display lining the hall.

A whole row of mock stores where they work out the window displays and interior design of their 300+ stores.

Decking the halls.
My little forest under the stairs.
Silver balls at reception.

All in a row here, they were quite festive. 
The brothers drive around in this golf cart with "the rules" on the back, note the French license plate.