Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Night Light Makeover

Nantucket Nightlight
atch out Moby Dick! A fun project that uses your favorite animal and sets him up for a rocky ride.

What You'll Need:
One small nightlight with a hard plastic lampshade
Pound O' Beads assorted colors
Assorted sizes pearls in off white
One plastic whale (usually found in the Pound O' Beads)
Sixty blue, silver lined size eleven seed beads 
Five aqua blue chips
Hot glue gun
1. Put a generous dab of glue in the middle of the nightlight and place your whale there.
2. Dump your pound o' beads into a wide bowl and pick out all the variations of the color blue and clear.
3. Glue the blue beads first, starting directly next to the whale, get the beads as close as possible to him without gluing beads on top of him.
4. Move outward, making sure to vary your colors, textures, and not burn yourself with the glue gun. It's important to move fast after you apply the blue because it dries very quickly.
5. When you reach the edges, glue beads right to the edge. They can hang slightly off the bottom but make sure there is a more or less even line to maintain the lampshade's shape.
6. Now start wit h the clear beads, starting again, right next to the whale, again extending slightly past the outline of the shade.
7. Glue pearls in the void spaces and layer small and big pearls making the clouds come off the surface of the night light in a three-dimentional fashion.
8. Using a toothpick, put a tiny dab of glue right above where the blow-hole would be and quickly sprinkle your seed beads, correcting the placement with your toothpick. Extend the spray up and out. Add the aqua chips in between the seed beads.

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