Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Floral Crown

At this past weekend's CHA (the craft industry's trade show), Rit dye had a fabulous floral pin make and take.  I went a little nuts with the spray dye and the unlimited mulberry paper flower supply and made a whole bouquet of them.  These flowers are simply sprayed with three different colors Rit dye and left to dry.  The result is a beautiful light yet intense wash of colors that blend one into the other seamlessly, just like the real thing.  
Spray nozzle attached to the Rit Dye bottles


And again

A little more, then move to another color.

Dyed flowers on the Rit Piano.  I brought these beauties home for the rest of the process.

Don't need much for this project: mulberry paper flowers, cotton ribbon, a plastic headband, and a hot glue gun and dyed flowers.  

Wrap the plastic headband with the cotton ribbon.  Glueing the flowers directly on the headband would melt the headband.

Hot glue the flowers onto the top side of the headband.

Add all sizes in any order that pleases you.

Little ones sprinkled in hides the gaps.


Side action