Monday, January 23, 2017

Circle Over the Bed Canopy

Circle Canopy
beautiful pattern of circles to go to sleep under at night! This project is a good way to recycle an old leather skirt and pieces of corrugated cardboard that you might otherwise throw away.

What You'll Need:
Lots and lots of thin cardboard that has one flat side and the other side corrugated, I'd say measure out how big you want the canopy to be then have the same square footage of cardboard ready for the project. This one is 16 feet long by 8 feet across for a full bed
3 sqare feet of turquoise leather, I just added pops of it here are there besides a big dot in the middle
1 foot heavy canvas cloth
2 7 foot long pieces of .5x2 inch wide wood railing
Drill with a 1/8" boring bit
26 gauge wire
Stapler with lots and lots of staples
China red Minwax wood stain 1 quart
Ballroom Gold Ralph Lauren 1 quart
2 inch bristle paint brush
2.5 in circle shape, I used a spray paint can top
pen (for outlining circles)
4 c- cup ceiling hooks
1. Paint the flat side of the cardboard red.
2. Paint the corrugated side gold.
3. Using your paint can top make outlines on the flat side of the cardboard.
4. Cut out circles. Take your time with this, it will take forever, so put on a long movie that you've seen before or get your friends involved!
5. Cut out leather circles.
6. Staple all of the circles together using four staples for each circle linking it to the next. Make the pattern simple and rectangular and add shape to it later.
7. Drill a hole in the end of the wood piece then run a wire through it tying the wire securely around the wood.
8. Hook the other end of the wire to a c-cup in the ceiling, add the 2nd hook and raise the pole to the right level making sure it is secure and level.
9. Add the other pole across the other end of the bed repeating step 8.
10. Drape the canopy over both ends, get someone to help because it is really fragile. Don't panic if it falls apart in a couple places, just replace the circles or restaple.
11. Add circles where needed. 

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