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Do-it-Yourself: decorate
Record Clocks
o you have a special song that reminds you of your disco days or a romance long gone? Or perhaps an old L.P. that is scratched up or has been since replaced with a CD? Love your old LPs but don't know what to do with them? Here is a solution that takes no time and is a great present for a sentimental journey.

What You'll Need:
Vinyl LP
Clock Motor (available at the craft store)
Glue Gun
Dull flat-blade knife
Ornamental pieces that can be glued on for hands-use your imagination, beads, buttons, flat one-sided marbles with words on the back showing through, little toys. See what goes with the theme of the album.
1. Take a piece of paper and trace the circumference of your clock onto the paper. Fold in half, then again, in quarters.
2. Place your paper on top of your record and using a pen lightly scratch a mark through the paper onto your vinyl record where the creases are, measuring exactly one inch in from the edge of the record so that you have room for an elaborate number that is not too close to the edge.
3. Take your record and a dull knife and insert the knife into the center hole. Twist a couple of time so that the hole expands enough to insert the stem of the clock works through it. Don't get carried away and make your hole too big! Screw on tight making sure that the top of the motor (there is a hanging hole in the back of the motor) aligns with where the 12 o'clock is.
4. Using a glue gun on low heat, glue your numbers on. 


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