Duct Tape Trash Can

Do-it-Yourself: decorate
Candy Stripped Can
andy canes come in tons of color combinations, the swirls of complementing colors can be awesome. There are thousands of color combinations that can work for your personal decorating scheme- all it takes is a little work and a few rolls of ducktape!

What You'll Need:
5 rolls of ducktape in
Hot Pink

1. Take white ductape and run it across your wastebasket diagonally taping it to the inside about three inches into the bin.
2. Take the tape on the bottom and rip it up the middle until the edge of the wastebasket's side. Tape the two across each other on the bottom till they reach the middle.
3. Next, take hot pink ductape, start it a half inch in from the start of the white ductape. Repeat the taping process.
4. Tape red, hot pink, orange, hot pink in 1/2" wide strips then use yellow in a 1/4" strip, then return to white again, and repeat step one.
5. Repeat until the wastebasket is covered. Take a strip of red and cover the rough edges in the inside of the wastebasket by making a horizontal line all around the inside.
6. Turn it over and tape a yellow square at the bottom of the can. Cut a heart out of pink ductape and tape it to the middle of the yellow square. Sign your art!


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