Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Boho Party Setting

Do-it-Yourself: celebrate
Bohemian Celebration
agical swags of fabric and sparkling beads gleaming candlelight finish off the aura for an enchanted evening with good friends.

What You'll Need:
The Basics:
1 easy-assemble gazebo (available at Target or other stores)
Plywood board measuring4'x8'
Sturdy Coffee table
Mat to place between plywood and coffee table to protect the coffee table
Rug for the ground or tarp with fabric over it
Two curtain panels measuring 108"x50"
20 yards of tulle in complementing colors
8-10 floor pillows
8-10 place settings
Dramatic twigs and tall flowers that look fine when they are out of water (to hang from the center of the gazebo
Pliable floral wire
50 yards coordinating ribbon to swag and tie bows in various places
Tablesettings for 8-10
Tumblers for floating candles
8-12 floating candles
2 candelabras
3 urn vases at varying heights
Dramatic elegant flowers, I recommend green goddess lilies, orchids, sweetpeas, and vegetables and fruit like baby pineapples, artichokes, don't be afraid of the exotic
1. Place your tarp or rug down. Center your coffee table over it and make sure there is enough room for everyones floor pillows to stay on the surface of the rug.
2. Center the mat on the coffee table followed by the plywood.
3. Assemble the gazebo leaving the fabric elements off so you can enjoy the stars.
4. Swag the fabrics around the gazebo frame and hang the twigs and dry-friendly flowers from the center of the middle of the gazebo. Extend the upside-down arrangement by wiring twigs to each-other downward.
5. Set the table.
6. Place floating candles strategically so that people can see their food.
7. Place candelabras symetrically.
8. Sprinkle gems around the table to catch the candle light and reflect gorgeous smiles.

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