Monday, January 23, 2017

Jellyfish Costume

quatic fun!
What You'll Need:
What You'll Need: Pink Umbrella
2 yards three types various fabrics- tulle, iridescent pearl, and fluorescent yellow
3 yards opaque fluorescent yellow fabric
1 foot ½ inch elastic
Sewing machine
8 feet curly wispy ribbon
1 can Fluorescent yellow spray paint
1. Rip your sheer fabric into 3 inch strips lengthwise the full 2 yards until it is all in strips.
2. Tie 4 or 5 different strips to the end of the spokes.
3. Take the opaque fluorescent fabric and double it lengthwise. Sew a seam lengthwise then sew another seam widthwise so that it is a hoop. 
4. Pull the elastic through and sew it together so it is a band that fits right under the arms.

5. Cut strips of tulle, sequin, and organza fabric and different width ribbons (maximum 1.5 inches wide) 3-4 feet long depending on how tall the wearer of the costume is. 
6. Attach the ribbons in bundles of 6-8 to the ends of the spokes of the umbrella by tying the bundles in knots around the spokes underneath the umbrella. Let the ends dangle freely.

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