Monday, January 23, 2017

Frosted Heart Mirror

Do-it-Yourself: decorate
Frosted Heart Mirror
hat better way to show your love than framing their face in a cloud of hearts and cupids! This mirror is a quick and easy project where your sweetheart will be reminded of your love every time they look in the mirror.

What You'll Need:
Framed Mirror
Sand Paper (200 Grit)
Masking Tape
White Frost Spray Paint
Red Spray Paint
Gold Craft Paint
Lid of Heart Shaped Chocolate Box
Valentine Stickers
Letter Stickers
1. Take your mirror and sand it lightly so that the wood will take the spray paint.
2. Spray paint your frame red making sure the mirror is masked and covered so that the glass doesn't get sprayed.
3. After it's dried, mask the frame, covering completely. Place your heart template over the mirror in the middle, place your stickers around it and make sure they are stuck on well.
4. Spray the mirror with the white frost spray paint following the directions and let dry for about half an hour.
5. Remove the stickers and all the masking and voila, your cute face in the shape of a heart.
5A. Add a message to your sweetheart by using the letter stickers to spell out your love.

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