Monday, January 23, 2017

One Night Stand

What You'll Need:
Liner frame from a computer box- that is slightly rectangular in shape (the kind with the Styrofoam padding).
Duct Tape
Table cloth
Night stand accessories (Kleenex, book, glasses)
1. Take the box and fit it around your waist. If you step into it with the rectangle wide then turn it on your hips so that the rectangle is narrow, it should stay put. If not, pad the box with foam padding so that it stays put. 
2. Fold the tablecloth four ways and cut a wedge in it. It will look like a piece of pizza so that your body can fit. When you open this up it will be a hole in the exact middle of the tablecloth.
3. Put it on over the box. Set up your nightstand accessories so that they stay put-gluing, taping, or pinning the accessories down into the cardboard will work.
4.Put the lampshade over your head, and a pantyhose around your neck.

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