Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hand Wrapped Heart

Tinkering in the workshop with John Peterson, my favorite Mr. Crafty, (and the only person I know who can build literally anything), we came up with a fun use for aluminum strapping just in time for Valentine's day- a hand wrought heart.  Now, the making of the heart is super easy, but wrapping it with embroidery thread took me a long, long time.  I'm guessing about two-three hours.  Good movie watching activity.

C for Christopher!

Without the C

Measure 1 yard, cut with metal cutters.

Fold in half at mid-point.

Bend metal straps into a heart shape and join together at bottoms.

Clip into decorative point if desired.

Using a clipped copper nail through the bottom hole, hammer until shaft expands into a disc.

It's like magic when the nail head expands into a circle.  
Make a letter with the same metal.  I got of easy with a "C".

Wrap with thread.  Tie the letter to the heart with thread.  Will take a while but so lovely when done.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stone Tile Coasters

here is really nothing like a personalized Valentine's gift and what better gift than something that is useful as it is beautiful. Coasters are not traditionally thought of as a glamorous gift for the holidays but make them special with images of loved ones or favorite paintings and you've got a gift that will be proudly displayed year round. A surefire conversation piece every living room deserves.
Originally from Sonyastyle, my old webpage
I have to say, back in the day, when I did this craft, I didn't have Craft Attitude decor film and used T-shirt transfer paper.  For the Marie show,  I used CraftAttitude and the results were much more reliable.  Although the film is transparent and picks up the stone's surface, it still shows the image clearly.  Plus you don't need an iron, just spray mount, so there is no chance of smudging the image.  I haven't seen how it wears yet, that is still yet to see.  It might not do as well with moisture...

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Different Kind of Valentine

Valentine's day is the perfect time to give daddy a gift he will adore forever.  Something sentimental that will encapsulate these fleeting days when the kids are little and their tiny little hands will fit into a  cute tin.  I got this little 8 inch tall tin at Rite Aid made by Mrs Fields for $6.00.  They had a variety of designs and sizes but I just loved the embossed flocking on this- so romantic.  I ate all the chocolates myself because Chris doesn't especially care for chocolates and they weren't half bad.  I think Daddy will really appreciate the thoughtfulness of this present and we'll be able to look back and see how little their tiny hands were Valentine's Day 2013...

1.  Mix plaster with a dot of pink craft paint and the same amount water.

2.  Pour glitter into a box and have your kids dip their hands in glitter.
3.  Immediately press palm into plaster lightly, making sure not to go all the way through to the tin.

4.  Since this is for daddy, I added my thumbs in a heart print. 
4.  Paint the plaster a contrasting color so the hand prints stand out.
Now you can really see them!

5.  Take birch bark and tear into little strips, hot glue to the center heart of the tin to cover the "Mrs. Fields logo.

6.  Glue more bark around the edge of the heart, being mindful of where the box needs to not have any bark on it to close.

7.  Hot glue pretty ribbon around the edge of the bark.

Bread Rose Picture Frame

Grandma's have everything already so what could be a better Valentine's gift than a framed photo of their grandchild?  Here is a plain raw wood frame that I embellished with some scraps I found around the house, including bread and tacky glue roses.  Totally easy and guaranteed to pull at heart strings.

For the D.I.Y. on the roses click here.

Add scrap ribbon.
I added Amy Tangerine's "Treasure These Moments" and the blue fabric rosette.

This is what the bread and glue look like before it has coloring, mix it in a gallon zip lock to avoid messy hands.

Add the roses with hot glue.  I made these two large ones first and flanked them with smaller roses.

Perfect frame for my littlest bean.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Decorated Valentine's Box

Adding a photo via the very cool Decor Attitude is another simple and great gift-y idea.  This box is the perfect packaging for a pair of tickets to the symphony or movies. 

Spray mount works best with the Decor Attitude film.

Handmade touches are essential via Amy Tangerine's scrap-booking details.
This is another Amy Tangerine detail, cute as can be!

Add 3M washi tape.

A little neon ribbon, and I like to add bark to everything.

I love this "the best is yet to come" sticker because I have no doubt that it certainly is!

Hand Stitched Monogrammed Box

Gift giving is all about thought and presentation.  You can give a tiny inexpensive gift but if it has a touch of handmade it will mean so much more to the recipient than something completely store bought.  This idea is all about the packaging.  You can give a little thing, someone's favorite candy, tickets to a concert or a movie, a store bought present, but if it comes in a box that is monogrammed with their initials on it, I promise they will keep it forever.  This project is super inexpensive, you probably have most of the materials around your house already ;)

This box was $4.99 at Michael's.

A tie (a fairly tradition gift), in a monogrammed box is a winning combo.  Thoughtful and practical.

First, trace around the bottom of the box on brown construction paper.  Cut out.

Cut into three sections, one for each initial.

Hand cut letters out.  Remember, 1st initial, last initial, then middle initial!  C  B K are the initials in their correct order but last initial will be flanked by 1st and middle initial here.

Mod Podge letters, front and back to the wood.

This part takes a while and might hurt your hands a bit.  Poke holes through the wood with an awl every 1/4 inch.

Sew embroidery thread through the holes, going back on yourself so the stitch is a continual "stitch" with no gaps.  The needle will have to be smaller than the awl so it can fit through the holes.

All done!