Beaded Wind Chime

Do-it-Yourself: decorate
Beaded Wind Chime
himes are lovely on a slightly balmy day, different tones of bells can be found to create different qualities of sound.

What You'll Need:
Measuring Tape
10 yards leather cord
3 yards 16 gauge copper wire
42 large snowflake beads
177 small snowflake beads
7 leaf beads with holes through their bases
1 5 inch metal hoop
6 brass jingle bells (3/4 inch)
1 slightly larger brass bell (inch)
1. Cut 2 yards of leather cord six times. Take your first piece, and thread a bead, a leaf, then jingle bell to the bottom of by running the cord through the hole and tying in a slip-knot underneath the beads so the leaf bead covers the knot. Repeat five times, then using the big bell,use your seventh piece of cord.
2. Make a knot an inch above your bell. Thread a small, bigger, then another small bead on the cord, make another knot another inch above those beads. Continue five more times.
3. Take your metal hoop and wrap the copper wire around it once leaving an inch long tail. Twitie-tie it, then start beading small beads on the wire.


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