Recycle! Plastic Strapping Room Divider

Do-it-Yourself: decorate
Strapping Room Divider
wirls and twirls out of plastic strapping flow into a modern and functional room divider

What You'll Need:
Plastic Strapping (available at 
1. Curl strapping into a 5" circular shape and staple up to 4 layers together at the same time making sure they overlap perfectly so the curtain will hang straight. Twist in the opposite direction and make more curls and twists, stapling after every 3 to 4 layers, then stapling to itself to build it up to be wider and longer until the desired size and shape. If you want to make smaller pieces and staple them together after you make a few, this makes the size more manageable as you work on it. Hang from dowels or nails from a wall or from hooks from a ceiling.R


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