Fortune Cookie Costume

o adorable, you might get eaten alive!
What You'll Need:

Eggshell Foam or any 1-2 inch thick foam pad

Heavy White Paper

Sienna Paint

½ Inch Roller

Paint Pan

Hot Glue Gun


Measuring Tape

1 Pack of Red Stick on Letters

1. Take your measuring tape and measure a 3 foot in diameter circle. Then cut with your scissors so that you have a foam circle.
2. Paint the foam using your roller and the sienna paint diluted with water.
3. Let Dry
4. Cut your butcher paper so that it is 1 ½ foot by 2 feet long.
5. Fold foam in half and glue both sides together. This might take holding it together as you go for a couple seconds until it bonds. Leave a slot for the paper to stick out of it.
6. Glue paper so that it is coming out of the cookie.
7. Stick your letters to the paper so that it comes out of the cookie like a fortune.
8. Bolt the sides of the cookie together from the inside of the creases so that it stays in Fortune Cookie formation.


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