Austrian Beer Fest Theme Party

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Austrian Beer Fest
etting up for an Austrian beer fest requires only a few elements that make it distinctly Austrian. The first element is red and white checks-which represent the Austrian flag. The second is "wild" flowers that have been plucked from the hills of Austria. The third is of course pint sized beer steins.

What You'll Need:
Red and white checkered placemats
Baskets measuring 4"x 14" Alstromerias
Wet floral foam
Pint-sized beer steins 
Flower Arrangements:
1. First cut the daisies to the right height. About 8 inches high is good so people can see eachother across the table.
2. Next, Cut the Alstromerias a little shorter, about 7 inches.
3. Line the basket with water-proof plastic bags and place the floral foam in them so that it fills the basket, fill with water then start first with the daisies. Place them in a row down the center of the basket.
4. Arrange the Alstromerias on either side next to the daisies. 
5. Cut Amaranthus to the right height and fill basket in with it so that it is spilling over the sides.
Table Setting:
Set table according to photo. 


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