Giant Papier-Mâché Emoji Hands for Sprint

Did you see our giant hands 👍✋️🤚✌️ on the Sprint commercial during Sunday Night Football?! So exciting! 

On the Fox Lot

The Commercial

Handmade Pillow Letters for Target Commercial


Golden Notes for Vibe 15th Anniversary Issue Cover

Golden notes held by EMINEM made by yours truly for the 15th Anniversary Vibe Cover.

Grommeted Canvas Notebooks

Grommeted Notebookseing a very organized person, I like to keep everything in a very specific place, and neatly at that. My recipes were in a state of disarray (folded in a tin-I know it's awful isn't it), until last Christmas, my friend Tina, gave me the most fantastic gift-a painted canvas three holed grommetted notebook with 3 hole punched 8"x11" paper inside. That sparked this idea- in the age of the internet most recipes can be printed on 8 1/2"x11" paper. Insert them into a stylish three-hole punched vinyl notebook. It's kitchen-proof as well. It's the perfect solution to a simple problem. With cutouts of food items, like a pie, or a ham, or maybe a chocolate cake depending on what type of cookbook it is, your cookbook will be the most stylish thing in your kitchen and you will love referring to it all the time! 
What You'll Need: Pinking Shears1 yard Vinyl1/2 yard Vinyl in another colorHollowfill- just a pinchSewing machineHammer3- _” Grom…

Signature Styles

Marzipan Animals