Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Grommeted Canvas Notebooks

Do-it-Yourself: Decorate
Grommeted Notebooks
eing a very organized person, I like to keep everything in a very specific place, and neatly at that. My recipes were in a state of disarray (folded in a tin-I know it's awful isn't it), until last Christmas, my friend Tina, gave me the most fantastic gift-a painted canvas three holed grommetted notebook with 3 hole punched 8"x11" paper inside. That sparked this idea- in the age of the internet most recipes can be printed on 8 1/2"x11" paper. Insert them into a stylish three-hole punched vinyl notebook. It's kitchen-proof as well. It's the perfect solution to a simple problem. With cutouts of food items, like a pie, or a ham, or maybe a chocolate cake depending on what type of cookbook it is, your cookbook will be the most stylish thing in your kitchen and you will love referring to it all the time! 
What You'll Need:
  • Pinking Shears
  • 1 yard Vinyl
  • 1/2 yard Vinyl in another color
  • Hollowfill- just a pinch
  • Sewing machine
  • Hammer
  • 3- _” Grommets
  • Scissors
  • 3 hole punch
  • Ruler 
  • Pencil 
  • Sturdy but decorative ribbon

1. Measure 2 pieces of vinyl that measure 8 1/2" x 12" and cut the edges with pinking shears. Make sure they are exactly straight, for a professional look.

2. Match both pieces together using your hole-punch press down. This will lightly mark the vinyl, do not go through the vinyl, the marks are just so you know where to set your grommets. This is easier if you place a 8"x11" piece of paper on top you so you can see how much room is on top and bottom of your pages.

3. Set your grommets using your hammer and grommet setter.

4. Sew your design onto the front of your notebook, padding it with a touch of Hollowfill for that extra puff.

5. Hole-punch your recipes and line them up with your grommets. Run three equal-length pieces of ribbon through the holes and voila!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Austrian Beer Fest Theme Party

Do-it-Yourself: celebrate
Austrian Beer Fest
etting up for an Austrian beer fest requires only a few elements that make it distinctly Austrian. The first element is red and white checks-which represent the Austrian flag. The second is "wild" flowers that have been plucked from the hills of Austria. The third is of course pint sized beer steins.

What You'll Need:
Red and white checkered placemats
Baskets measuring 4"x 14" Alstromerias
Wet floral foam
Pint-sized beer steins 
Flower Arrangements:
1. First cut the daisies to the right height. About 8 inches high is good so people can see eachother across the table.
2. Next, Cut the Alstromerias a little shorter, about 7 inches.
3. Line the basket with water-proof plastic bags and place the floral foam in them so that it fills the basket, fill with water then start first with the daisies. Place them in a row down the center of the basket.
4. Arrange the Alstromerias on either side next to the daisies. 
5. Cut Amaranthus to the right height and fill basket in with it so that it is spilling over the sides.
Table Setting:
Set table according to photo. 

Cigar Box Purse

Do-it-Yourself: Wear
Cigar Box Purses
urgeon General Warning: Cigar purses may cause heart attacks in fashion conscious women and small dogs.

What You'll Need:
For the Light Version:
  • A cigar case (preferably with a hinge)
  • Pack of screw eyes 
  • Steel wire-20 gauge 
  • P lastic beads (I prefer the starflake shape
  • and brass beads for a vintage feel) 
For the Full-Bodied Version:
  • Same as above plus a small mirror (I snap them out of make-up gift with purchases) 
  • Craft jewels 
  • Hologram or glitter sticker paper 
  • Plastic toys
  • For the lining you'll need raw silk, hollowfill, flimsy cardboard, a rulerand pencil, scissors, and a glue-gun.

1. Take your ruler and measure where your screw eyes should go then screw them in into your case. One or two handles? It depends on your case. If it closes at the side, and you're going to flip it so that becomes the top, two is more proportionate. If it's a smaller case, a one handle might be more appropriate.

2. Take your wire and cut it to your desired handle length. Cut two equal pieces if you want two handles. Attach the wire to one screw eye and start beading your handle. The first half of the handle is where your design is decided, after that repeat on the other side. Attach the other side to the second screw eye and nip off the excess wire.

You can stop now if you are going for the light version.

3. Measure and cut 5 pieces of flimsy cardboard (cereal box weight) to fit in to each side of your case. Take one cardboard siding. Pad it lightly with hollow fill, take fabric and wrap it around the cardboard and glue the fabric to the back of the cardboard. Repeat to each piece of cardboard. Glue each padded piece of cardboard to the corresponding side, bottom first.

4. Get a hand held mirror or an old compact that has run out of make-up and pop the mirror out. Glue the mirror onto the inside of the case and glue jewels around it. Look into your eyes and say "Mwwaa, dahling, you look maaaavelous!"

5. Hologram sticker paper in hand, cut it to the size of the front of your case. If it is too small to cover every centimeter, center it, and figure out how to cover the edges. Using a different color hologram paper will give it a framed look. You can also use pearls, beads, or rhinestones.

6. Mix a quarter cup of lacquer, coat your sticker paper, then center your favorite plastic toy in the middle, set your case on an even surface and let dry overnight.

Chinese Dinner Party

Do-it-Yourself: celebrate
Chinese Dinner Party
ver served longevity buns or lychee martinis? Try something different by making your next dinner party a Chinese themed fete. Don't forget to Feng Shui first! 

What You'll Need:
One gold Thai silk curtain
Round black placemats
Round gold leafed chargers (available at Cost Plus)
Clear dishes
Red salad plates
Gold small plates
Soy sauce dishes
Black napkins
Jade baby bracelets
Chinese Zodiac cell phone charms and faux Chinese coins
Black chopsticks
Glassware as needed
Flower arrangements in small boxes
Fortune Cookies
Gold Paint
Small, fortune sized pieces of paper
1. Set the table according to the photos.
2. For the napkins, fold into a paper airplane-like shape and run through the jade baby bracelet. Tie the Chinese zodiac charm on each person's napkin ring with the chinese coin somewhere in the loop.
3. Paint your fortune cookies gold, let dry, insert a fortune with a person's name into each cookie. Place on top of the place setting.