Monday, January 23, 2017

Peeping Tom Costume

What You'll Need:
1 Blind about 1 ½'
½ in PVC Pipe about 8 Ft.
4 corner ½ inch PVC Joiners
4 3 way ½ inch PVC Joiners
PVC Pipe Glue
3 Belts
Decorative Curtain
Twisty ties or wires
1. Measure the width of of your blinds and cut your PVC so that it is only a little longer than the blinds. Make three sides (one long and two short) of a PVC rectangle so that the blind can be attached to the front of the rectangle.
2. Make the last side of the PVC rectangle with two equal length tubes and a three way connector in the middle. Stick one PVC pipe straight down and let that one extend till waist level.
3. At the bottom of this tube attach another 3 way connector. 
4. Glue all pieces together and let dry as directed by the glue.
5. Duct tape your blinds to the top front of the rectangle so they extend downward like the back pipe.
6. Drape a swaging piece of fabric or curtains around the blinds so that it looks like the interior of a girls room using twisty ties or wire to secure it to the PVC.
Note: when wearing, place foam padding between you and the PVC so that it doesn't rub against your skin.

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