Monday, January 23, 2017

Ribbon Shoe Clips

Ribbon Shoe Clips
remember my grandmother used to love to wear shoe clips for a little flair in the foot department. They aren't very common anymore but I, personally, would love to see them come back and love wearing mine around.

What You'll Need:
Two shoe clips
Two silver buttons 
Upholstery needle and thread
Peacock feathers
4 3 1/2 lengths ribbon
8 1/2 in x 2 in pieces of fabric cut by pinking shears
Hot glue gun
Pinking shears 
1. Take your equal lengths ribbon and fabric bits and layer them on top of each other, crossing ribbon underneath.
2. Place a button in the middle and sew the button on top of the pile of ribbons splaying the fabric so that the fan out on each side of the button.
3. Take your plume of feathers and sew them together in a grouping, then curl them with a straight-edge.
4. Glue the plume underneath the button, making sure no glue shows.
5. Hot glue the bottom of the ribbon to the shoe clip, then flip over and glue another ribbon to the back to secure the shoe clip to the ornament.

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