Thursday, September 19, 2013

10 Ways to Dye Your Life

These past few months I've had so much fun working for ilovetocreate's Tie Die Your Summer campaign.  Up and down the coast of California I went where I was called, an apron on and squirt dyes in hand.  Working the tie dye booth for iltc, I calculated that I assisted the dying of 2000 tie dye shirts (certificate please).  And since I had such unfettered access to dye, I kept going!  I dyed everything-clothes, duvets, pillows, and even threw my best friend a baby shower where everyone dyed a onsies for her little one.  This post is all the projects that didn't get posted over the summer.  They kinda just fell off my plate of things to do but here they are, a little dyeing inspiration for all my crafty friends out there.  Get a kit and go for it!

A Cynthia Vincent ruffled top.
Tied and dyed
Yay!  I'm going to wear it like this for a bit, then it might become a deep blue/black next.
A BCBG hippie top

My good friend and mentor, Connie making tight balls around the collar.

Notice the red around just the collar and mid-line seam.

Pillow cases sewn from scrap fabric

Freehanded with Marisa Lynch, we each did half


Left out to dry on an old t-shirt so the colors didn't run

Ta-dah.  Much softer colors after a run in the washer and dryer.

Ross shoes


Same thing but bright blue and lavender for my Marie appearance

Overall overhaul apron in Sew It All magazine.

A close up, see the magical scissors in the right pocket, (bleach is the key my friend).

Paper towels that absorbed the dye from all the projects
A little Mod Podge and a 99 cents store photo album

A dyed album for Chris' birthday.

Cindy's husband's favorite onsie from the shower made by his mother in-law.  It was so "Metal" it made him cry! Navy blue is the key to this look.

At the S.F. Girl Scout Bridging event with Traci Bautista on the left, iltc ladies, and Maris Lynch far right.
See you next summer tie dye, I love you!