Baby Wipes Cover

Do-it-Yourself: decorate
Baby Wipes Cover
am constantly digging in my purse for this so instead of a boring old plastic case I thought that one of these padded numbers would be nicer.

What You'll Need:
Cotton Fabric 
Polyester Batting
Scissors- big and tiny nail scissors
Hot Glue Gun
Rick Rack
1. Hot glue the batting to the top of the box drawing a line of hot glue along the top of the box ¼ inch from the edge of the top.
2. Make a line of hot glue along the front top of the wipes case. Glue fabric to the front of the case.
3. Make a line along the bottom edge of the case. Close the box. Pull fabric tight and attach to the strip of glue.
4. Glue Fabric to one side at a time, pulling taut around the rounded edges. Slit fabric on the sides so that it is out of the way for the box to open and close.
5. Trim the excess bits with your nail scissors making sure the box opens and closes well.
6. Glue rick rack to the edge of the box covering the raw edge of the fabric. 


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