Thursday, October 4, 2012

Suit Dress

Here on the show with Marie and her daughter Rachel wearing another suit project.

Another exciting suit project from the Marie Show airing today- this is a little harder to show because it happened so organically on the floor with a little hand sewing and some freehand cutting and patching.  I simply cut the legs down the seams on both sides, then cut out the zipper.  I added a collar to hold up the waistband of the pants from the suit leaving the front open.  Then added the bottom part of the suit jacket to the waist of the dress- an inspiration from my favorite show Downton Abbey!
The original pants ready to be cut.

The jacket.

And all together as something new.

The waistline with the added jacket bottom.

Above the bust sewn to the suit collar with a sewing machine.
This is where the fly gets cut out of at the collar.

The back of the pants taken in at the waist.
The tails added built in pockets and touch of  nostalgia, and covers the extra fabric in the butt area.
Tucked in it looks like this.

Here is the fabric under the bustle.  It could be it's own thing as well.

Another look at the neckline.
With my producers Will and Andrea!

A bangle project from the blog.

A happy (but small) studio audience.
A belt is the finishing touch.   Covers the seam of the jacket tail at the waist and adds color.

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