Friday, October 5, 2012

Kidnapped Mermaid Halloween Costume

This is probably one of the most brilliant Halloween costumes that I've ever seen and I wish I had thought of it but helas, the very clever author of the blog Mod Mischief has come up with it before me.  Thanks to the wonderful internet, I was able to use her fabulous instructions to make a version for the Halloween segment of the Marie show.  It's a great trompe d'oeil isn't it?
Oh no!  Let me go!
Heave ho!

My model on the Marie show.

This is my short-cut version of the costume...
Freehand sewed mermaid tail on two layers of shiny fabric.

Cut out.
Give your patient assistant the Hollowfill and let him ponder stuffing the tail.
Finally he gets his turn!

Make a cast of your body with duct tape and stuff cut up back to free yourself.  Stuff with Hollowfill and add two sticks.  add a foam head to the neck.  You will also have to add straps to the chest so you can wear it on your back.

Get a foam cooler and hollow out middle so you can fit inside.

Bejewel chest with  Madi Gras beads, jewels, and shells.  Hot glue works great for this.
Put your own long sweater and scarves on the pirate(this is the genius of making his body, a cast of yours), sew on hook and add mask, a pirate hat, hook and glove.  Wear a scallop shell bra, your own pants and boots. Voila!

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