Fall Floral Patterned Shoe Transformation

Autumn in Los Angeles. 80 degrees plus, steaming hot. Leaves cling to green when the only thing we want is change. Bring on some orange, red, and brown! Bring on fall! Not here. Southern California affixes itself stubbornly to summer when all we want is to abandon the whites and navy's of August and kick up the spiced apple cider, hot chocolate, and all the lovely knits that autumn allows. Well, if Mother Nature won't provide, I will. And crave as I do the fall colors, I'm prepared to take summer under the knife and turn it into fall. So, here's a transformation of Spring shoes that only took a few minutes and is simple and easy, and will certainly turn a few heads, even if it won't turn the leaves (alas!)...

The original shoes.

Brush Mod Podge on the patterned area of shoes.

Cover with fall fabric.

Let dry then cut away fabric with Exacto knife.

Run fabric through the loop to cover the bow.


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