Spaghetti and Chef Halloween Costume

It's October, which for anyone with a kid can only mean one thing- it's time for Halloween!  I just taped a segment for the Marie show that will air closer to Halloween, but for those of you kind folks who check out my blog on a regular basis, here's a head start on all the costuming action.  This spaghetti costume is not only totally adorable but really comfortable for the baby: they can wear their favorite one-piece underneath and be bundled in loops of spaghetti-like yarn- warm on a cold October night and totally practical and yummy enough to eat!
Chef and spaghetti

Yummy meatball!


The chef and spaghetti on with Marie!

Draw a circle around a tub, two layers of felt or velvet, this will be the sauce collar.

Make it wavy like sauce

Sew together and stuff with Hollowfill.  Sew a ribbon with 4-5 inches excess on either side of the back opening.

Take a break to overturn furniture and play spin-round.

Cut a rectangular yellow fabric and sew into rectangles.  I had this yellow polyester laying around.

Make yarn loops.

Sew them to the yellow fabric.  Make 3 or 4 of these at different lengths to put around the neck and waist of the baby.

 Make meatballs with Styrofoam balls covered in Model Magic, paint brown and use double sided adhesive to stick it to the noodles.
This costume is ideal for a baby who isn't moving too much yet.  James is a little big for it although still cute!


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