Floating Genie Halloween Costume

Another illusion costume for this Halloween is the magical floating genie.  Light as a whisper, she can breeze through a party suspended in mid-air.  The actual costume is not hard to make with just a few supplies from the craft store, thrift store, or even just around the house.

The genie on the set of Marie.  Marie is Lucille Ball, if you can't tell.

Your wish is my command.

Cover a 2 inch pad with a patterned satin, in this case, I found a satin robe that I hadn't worn in forever, I cut the arms off and sewed it in a rectangle stuffing the bottom through the robe.

Whip-stitch edges of the fabric to seal.  With an Exacto knife, cut an "x" 1/3 from back middle, big enough so you can work your body through it, but not too big that the mat will fall off of you, it's got to be tight and you can always cut it bigger if it is too, too tight.  Start conservative.

Use bamboo sticks to make legs, measure your actual legs to get the length down.  Cover with Hollowfill.

Stuff the legs into genie pants, I found these at Salvation Army, split the back up the back seam and open in front of  slit you are making in the mat.  Tack legs to mat to get them to stay put.

Add fringe to the end of the genie carpet with hot glue and stuff bamboo sticks into socks.

Create fabric shoes with a coordinating fabric that will sit on legs.  It's important that these are light so they don't weigh the carpet down.  I used shiny blue fabric and pointed the toes to geniefy them.

A spray painted milk bowl, and an altered top put the finishing touches on this costume.  Wear with black leggings and black flats for comfort.  If you are having trouble keeping your carpet afloat, an invisible fishing line can be sewn onto the front two corners of the carpet and stretched around your back or neck to hoist it up.


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