Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Men's Blazer Skirt and Collar

Once in a while, I'll come across an out-dated blazer in Chris' closet that's just begging to be D.I.Y.ed.  I usually use all of my self-control to put it back nicely, knowing that the next time he might want to squeeze into it again, it should be there but...well, I had a moment recently, and just grabbed a certain sports jacket that I figured he wouldn't miss.  It's been pretty toasty here in L.A., but fall's just around the corner, so I thought I'd take his old coat, turn it into a mini-skirt/collar necklace, and see what happens. One things for sure: he won't notice it's gone.  Anyway, here's what the old coat looks like, re-invented.

1.  Cut away collar leaving a 1/2" in the back.
Really sharp scissors are a must to get through all the layers.
2.  Hot glue a thick wide ribbon to the back to keep all the threads from fraying.
3.  Add a bauble to keep the two ends together.  I found this great leopard face at Berger's Beads, Downtown.

Chop the bottom of the blazer off and turn edge under, leaving enough of a channel for a 1" elastic to be threaded through.
2.  Run elastic through and sew together.

The pockets are totally functional still!

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