Monday, May 21, 2012

Striped Bangles

Spring bangles are one of those things that I make at the beginning of the season and love throughout the summer.  They're an easy way add to a fun pop of color to any outfit, and can just as easily be coordinated with a wide variety of outfits with nothing more than some bangles you have already, embroidery floss, and a few dabs of hot glue. Nothing says summer like color, and with these vivid bangles the sun is always shining (of course, it is California)...

The original from

1.  Take a bangle that you already have.  I know I found 4 wooden and plastic ones that I would never wear again just sitting in my jewelry.  I'm sure everyone has a few.

2.  Cut a 4-5 foot piece of embroidery thread.  The longer the thread, the Find the middle and make a loop with embroidery floss around the bangle.

3.  Wrap the floss so it doesn't overlap itself in the front.

4.  Add a tiny dab of hot glue when the string runs out.  Repeat with  multiple colors.

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