Quick Fox Costume

A couple of years back I entered a contest to make an inexpensive and easy costume inspired by Wes Anderson's film The Fantastic Mr. Fox (here is the original how-to). It seemed like a great opportunity to win some extra cash, wrap my head around the challenge, and see if my costuming chops were still there. Well, believe it or not,I actually won! It was a $2000.00 cash prize, a coffee table book of the movie (that never came) and the satisfaction of knowing that my foxy costume was chosen. Last week, I was looking for something else fox-related online and came across the final D.I.Y. fox costume video. Check it out- might make a great costume for those last minute folks out there that don't want to spend much money for a costume. Total cost $7.00.

how to make your own FANTASTIC MR. FOX costume from Sarah Ginsburg on Vimeo.


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