Chinese To Go Box Halloween Costume

When heading out to a Halloween party, it's always fun to go with someone else in tandem costumes.  This is one of a two parter- the accompanying costume is a fortune cookie costume which  I will post tomorrow.  This costume couldn't be easier.  It's simply four pieces of white foam core cut to the exact same dimensions, taped together and held up with 2 inch elastic.

Leave 8 inches at the top, score a line across so it will flap open like a to-go box.  Taper from the top flap down 2 inches in from each bottom corner.

Cut out a pagoda from red paper, it's best to fold in half lengthwise.    Add glue to the back with a glue stick.

Use white masking tape to tape all four sides together, taping on the inside.
Add noodles, red and green felt, a metal "handle"- this can be 24 gauge galvanized steel bent with you hands and an anvil.   Attach 2 inch  elastic to the inside of the metal handle, cover this with noodles.  Cut out chop sticks from extra foam core and paint brown.


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