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Fantastic Mr. Fox Costume How-To

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Wes Anderson , the incredibly talented director of such notable movies such as Rushmore, and The Royal Tennenbaums is coming out with his claymation adaptation of Roald Dahl's "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" over Thanksgiving weekend.  Gen Art and Fox Films co-sponsored a how-to costume competition that I just had to enter.  Gripps had the flu and needed to be held 24/7 so I was literally working on my costume 10 minutes a day for a couple of weeks.  I couldn't believe it when I got the call last week that I actually won for the "Mr. Fox" costume how-to!  Yipee!  My costume uses the simplest of materials and cost less than $7.00 to actually construct which helped it stand out.  Anyone could make this out of stuff lying around the house- I did!

What You’ll Need:

Fox Head:
·      Brown paper grocery store bag
·      Stapler
·      Scissors
·      Foxy red acrylic paint
·      Sponge brush
·      Hot glue gun
·      Sheet of white paper
·      One 8x10 square of each of the following:
o   Pink felt
o   Bright Green felt
o   Off-white felt
o   Dark Brown felt
·      Yarn- 2 feet
·      Black felt top hat (in bear clothing section of the craft store)
Fancy Fox Body:
·      T-shirt
·      Fabric marker in black
Fox Head:

  1. Fold paper bag in half lengthwise.  Cut down the middle and carefully detach handles if there are any. Turn half of paper bag inside out. Set aside the second half for a second fox if needed.
  2.     Fold one corner of the inside-out half over the other until bag forms a pointed nose.  There will be a center line down the front of the face from the existing fold of the side of the bag.  Staple and hot glue in place.
  3.      Using the fold lines already on the bag, cut out ears.  Staple and hot glue in place.
  4.      Paint the whole outside foxy red with your sponge brush.
  5.      Fold your piece of white paper in two.  Cut out two almond shaped eyes.
  6.      Glue eyes on and carve out holes in the center with your scissors.
  7.      Cut two circles out of the green felt.
  8.      Cut ½ inch wide strips out of the brown felt and cut to the length of each eye, hot glue to eyes.
  9.      Cut another ½ inch strip of brown felt for your nose.  Glue to nose as shown in the photo.
  10.    Cut a diamond shape in pink for the mouth and another bigger off-white triangle for the chin.
  11.    Glue half of the pink mouth diamond to the bag and the other half to the off-white felt.
  12.    Poke holes to the outside of each ear and tie one piece of yarn to each side.
  13.    Hot glue top hat to one ear.                                                                                                                          

Fox Body:

1.     Center t-shirt over a hard surface like a piece of cardboard or thick magazine.  Stretch slightly.
2.     Draw a bow tie, four buttons beneath, then the lapel of a tux.

Produced in association with the “Gen Art & Fox Searchlight  “Fantastic Mr. Fox” Halloween Costume Video Competition

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