Thursday, August 2, 2012

Silk Scarf Market Tote

Canvas market bags are one of those things everyone has an overabundance of.  They seem to give them out free everywhere from the grocery store, to any event with swag.  Silk scarves are one of those things, everyone has, but they seem to stay hidden away in drawers, never to be seen. They are so pretty I say show them off.  Here is a quick and simple way to dress one up in five minutes by hand stitching a silk scarf to the top.  The key is picking a bag that is smaller than the folded so there is no pressure on the fold of the scarf.  This will mean that the bag will appear bigger than it is but I think billowing silk is quite lovely and it will still be nice and light.  A perfect bag for the farmer's market.

1.  Center scarf, then fold it in half widthwise sandwiching the canvas bag and sew a whipstitch from one side of the scarf to the other.  Tie off.
2.  Repeat on the other side.

3.  Take extra fabric on both sides and knot them.  Sew knots in place if desired.

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Christie said...

ah, clever, clever, clever - and I can do that! :D