Anthro Copycat Gold Leaf Clutch

Crafting with D.I.Y.'s most industrious seamstress Marisa Lynch is one of my favorite things to do.  She's incredibly experienced and it's almost like having two of me in the room- we communicate through minimal language like two surgeons at work- "scissors", "you cut, I'll sew...".  "zipper....".   Here is a project we came up with together after a quick inspiration brain storm and a look through the Anthro catalog.  I love ours better because first of all it was free, and I could use a bag that was sentimental to me (but a little off in it's original design).  Completely handmade, this is something that I'll wear a ton.

$128 at Anthro...


A bag my mom brought back from one of her annual trips to Thailand.  100% hand sewn in Chiang Mai.  The lavender strap is really too flimsy for the rest of the bag which make me never wear it...
We turned it inside out and halved it, then sewed two seams on the sides, eliminated the ol' lavender bit.  See ya later! 

Had a hide of gold leather from Caldell's around.

Added gold leaves cut with a Cuttlebug die cutter.  It took about 12 per row x 3 rows.
Sewed the leaves on in three staggered rows.  

They shift around a bit in the sewing but don't worry about that- makes it look more organic.
Made a wrist strap.

Pretty rockin' and a great size for an evening out. 


Christie said…
I absolutely loved this. saw it on New Dress a Day and definitely one of my fave pieces. I think I need to make one now as I saw this in Anthropology and so wanted it. :O)
Sonya Nimri said…
Make it yourself! So easy but the cutting of the leaves takes a while, good to do with a friend or in front of the t.v.!

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