Ruched Vintage Scarf Purse and Matching Shorts

After over a decade, this lovely faded jean purse had just run its course in my wardrobe.  From Paris, it was great for going out holding a lipstick, wallet, and some cash when I lived there eons ago. Today, it just looks tired- way too much discoteque.  Enter, a scarf.  A quick hand-stitch cover-up to make it come alive again and a pair of matching shorts to make it feel like it finally has a little company after being solo for so long.  Shall we dance?  

The original Benetton purse and the lucky vintage scarf.

1.  No complicated technique here, just wrap around the scarf across the bag and use a simple whip-stitch, turning the sides under.

2.  Gather the excess and seam under at the bottom.  More whip-stitchin'.
3.  Finish off on the first side by ruching the wrapped around side for  symmetry with a straight-stitch.


And now the shorts...

1.  Iron double sided interfacing to the back of the scarf.

2.  Iron to shorts.

3.  Trim to fit around fly, pocket, and hem.

4.  Machine stitch the fabric to the shorts.
Ready to party!


Christie said…
very cute. and just saw what you did with Marisa with the shirts - love.
Sonya Nimri said…
Thanks for checking out our shirt project! It was so easy, took less than 15 minutes;). Have a great weekend Christine!

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