Thursday, August 30, 2012

Houndstooth Chair Makeover

 Dining room chairs are one of those essentially comfortable must-haves.  One of the most important places in the house, where you eat your meals and sit for hours while on your computer must be totally functional, support your body nicely, hopefully looking great all the while.  But how do you do this on a budget?  Here is one idea for keeping costs down while getting some great style.

I found these two vinyl duds at a Pepe's Thrifty Shop for $25.00 each.  Black with brown painted legs, they were nothing great to look at but are totally comfortable and well made.  In certain places, (like the crease between the seat and the back), hints of coral peeked out, showing signs of a formerly coral chair that had been sloppily painted black.  No worries here, my plan was to cover them in a swath of elegant houndstooth.  See how it turned out!
$25 at Pepe's Thrifty Store in Los Angeles.

Trim and Tack fabric adhesive ($15) and the 2 yards of Sunbrella fabric ($30/yd at Lincoln Fabrics).  You'll also need black glossy paint, a hammer, a razor, sandpaper, a staple gun and scissors. 
First, measure out enough fabric to cover the seat making sure to allow for  2-3 inches to tuck into the crease of the chair, then cut two.

2. Mask legs, then spray Trim and Tack over the top of the seat.  See the coral peeking through the crack here?  No worries, soon to be gone.

3.  The Trim and Tack will spray like a spider web- it's really cool to watch.

4.  Tuck fabric in crease, then slit side and pull far back enough to cover the sides and wrap a little around the back.
5.  Staple gun fabric to bottom of chair, turning fabric under as you go.  This photo is a little confusing because the upside down chair is sitting on the second upright chair but this is the bottom.

6.  Remove furniture tacks with a razor.  Keep tacks in a safe place, will reuse.  More coral peeking through!  Love this vintage color.

And it looks like this chair is no stranger to being made over.    Opening the back, we see another hidden  green 50's fabric under the coral.  I'm guessing this makes it the chair's third makeover in 60 years.  Go D.I.Y.ers of all generations.

8.  Cover the reupholstered seat well and spray Trim and Tack onto the front, sides, and back of the seat.

9.  Tuck the fabric in the crease, then pleat on side bottom, wrap around back and staple gun holding tightly.

10.  Fold fabric in back so it is straight.  Cut excess away and pull tight down back.

11.  Re-insert evenly spaced furniture tacks hopefully finding the original holes.

12.  Pull fabric down and staple gun to bottom of chair.

13.  Sand lightly, then carefully paint the four legs black.  This actually should always happen first because if you get paint on the new fabric you are really screwed.  I had someone bringing me paint and couldn't wait for it to arrive before I started re-doing the chairs but when you do yours, remember, paint first ;)

Elegant in black and white and perfect with this table, also from Pepe's Thrifty Shop  ($95.00)
The simple lines of the chair really stand out in this black and white room. 

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