Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Clustered Berries Bag

I love scarves, but as soon as I put one around my neck, my 18 month old instantly thinks it's a vine that he can swing from like George of the Jungle.  So the big challenge these days is how to get away with wearing one without it being a hazard to my health.  The solution, as always: turn it into something else! This is quick and simple way to update a bag that you may have grown bored of or that may perhaps have an unsightly stain or tear.  It's also a way to recycle a scarf that may be too pretty to hide but that you may not be wearing.  Give it a try. It's easy, fun, and super cute!
The original blah Gap bag.
1.  Squirt some silver fabric paint on the bag and apply with your fingers.  It takes quite a bit of paint and a while to dry.  I put it out in direct sun and it still took a couple days.

It's a messy process, cover your work surface...
2.  Place beads, one at a time, on the scarf.  I had these clay beads that someone had given to me that were perfect.  You could easily make these with Fimo or air drying clay.

3.  Tie a knot with embroidery thread tightly behind the bead.  Snip excess string...  Repeat close by with another bead to make a cluster of "berries".

4.  Hot-glue enough of the scarf to cover the front pocket, folding fabric under around the seam.   
Totally optional: Take strips of the scarf and finger crochet around the handle.

I glued the rest of the scarf to a headband for a coordinating accessory.


Hipster's Tea Party said...

Love Sonya!

Sonya Nimri said...

Thanks Jessica! I left the bag on the Marie set and it may be long gone but at least I have some photos of it here. Also, I have tons of clay beads if you want to make one.