Ombre Petal Shorts

Jean shorts are a summer staple- a must in this roasting L.A. heat.  A great project to do with jeans that have stains on the legs or are a cut that no one is wearing.  This pair of white bell-bottomy jeans were not only unflattering on my figure, but had some yellow stains on the knees that I couldn't get out.  An ombre effect was the easy choice because they were white and took easily to dye.  I was on a jean short kick and redid a bunch of my wide legged jeans- and will be posting the other three projects to come. 

The original jeans, the white ones had a some yellow stains here and there.  

1.  Scallop the bottoms with sharp scissors.

2.  Get some dye, I had a super big tie dye kit handy.  First, I used just a little of the blue and dipped the whole shorts in.

2.  Mix violet with a hint of orange.

3.  Use a sponge brush and paint the bottom 2 inches with violet dye.

4.  To the area between the violet and blue, add orange dye with a clean sponge brush.  It doesn't look orange when it's done but picks up the violet nicely.


Love these! Nice one Sonya ;)
Christie said…
what a super cute idea
Sonya Nimri said…
Thanks Jessica and Christie!

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