Friday, February 1, 2013

Tree Round Pendants

After Christmas, my friend John, the most amazing builder/creator/home remodeler I've ever met, cut me some Christmas tree rounds from one of his old Christmas trees.  He has a collection, and has made boxes, iPad stands, and ornaments with them.  I've been meaning to figure out a project for them and had the perfect opportunity yesterday when my best crafty-brainstormer Marisa Lynch and I had a power-crafting session.  

Cutting the rounds.

Die Cutting some leather scraps.

I cut out a "G" and a "J" for my two boy's names.

A contrasting yellow for a pop of modern.
Making a hole in the round is surprisingly easy with a pin-tool.

White glued letters, and a jump hoop completes the project.

Marisa's M

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