A Different Kind of Valentine

Valentine's day is the perfect time to give daddy a gift he will adore forever.  Something sentimental that will encapsulate these fleeting days when the kids are little and their tiny little hands will fit into a  cute tin.  I got this little 8 inch tall tin at Rite Aid made by Mrs Fields for $6.00.  They had a variety of designs and sizes but I just loved the embossed flocking on this- so romantic.  I ate all the chocolates myself because Chris doesn't especially care for chocolates and they weren't half bad.  I think Daddy will really appreciate the thoughtfulness of this present and we'll be able to look back and see how little their tiny hands were Valentine's Day 2013...

1.  Mix plaster with a dot of pink craft paint and the same amount water.

2.  Pour glitter into a box and have your kids dip their hands in glitter.
3.  Immediately press palm into plaster lightly, making sure not to go all the way through to the tin.

4.  Since this is for daddy, I added my thumbs in a heart print. 
4.  Paint the plaster a contrasting color so the hand prints stand out.
Now you can really see them!

5.  Take birch bark and tear into little strips, hot glue to the center heart of the tin to cover the "Mrs. Fields logo.

6.  Glue more bark around the edge of the heart, being mindful of where the box needs to not have any bark on it to close.

7.  Hot glue pretty ribbon around the edge of the bark.


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